Funny story: 75-year-old man thinks God turns the light on in the bathroom at night


Everybody sees the globe otherwise. And once you have a powerful religion, you’re guaranteed to interpret things in an exceedingly manner that others wouldn’t.

But once you add a small amount of drowsiness to the combination, you begin seeing some terribly strange – and uproarious – results. That’s simply what happened to the previous reverend during this story – and also the last line had American state in stitches!

Eric, a seventy-three-year previous retired reverend, is at his yearly health check-up. All tests came back well-to-do, and also the doctor sits all the way down to discuss the results with him.

“Well, Eric, physiologically everything appearance sensible. however square measure you doing showing emotion and mentally? square measure you feeling happy, and how’s your religion these days?

“God and that I square measure on nice terms. He is aware that I see therefore poorly recently, therefore currently whenever I am going to the toilet in the dark, then ‘poof’ – the sunshine turns on! And once I’m done urination, then ‘poof’ – the sunshine turns off again!”

“Fantastic! That sounds marvelous,” says the doctor.

A couple of days later the doctor calls Eric’s wife:
“Good day, Anna. Eric’s organ square measures well-to-do, and he looks to be doing well. the explanation for my decision is his relevancy, God. Is it very true that whenever he goes to empty his bladder in the dark, then ‘poof’ – the toilet light-weight turns on? And once he’s done, then ‘poof’ – the sunshine turns off again?”

Anna sighs and replies, “That previous fool. He’s started urination within the icebox again…”

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